8 Gym Motivation Tips From TestRX

Sometimes it’s good to let emotions dictate your actions.

8 Gym Motivation Tips From TestRX
8 Gym Motivation Tips From TestRX

As guys we’re told to be cool let logic guide what we do. Nine times out of ten that’s good advice until you’re stuck for gym motivation, and you really have no reason to get off your butt and hit the weights.

Your emotions are exceptionally good at putting you in your place and challenging you. We’re told it’s bad to compare yourself to other guys. That’s good advice, until you consider much of your health and looks are within your control. The makers of TestRX believe we all need a little gym motivation from time to time. And with that in mind, here are 8 slightly shallow but highly effective motivation tips to cowboy the heck up and push some iron.

1. Swimsuit Season: Don’t be the Michelin man in a Speedo. You want to turn heads by the pool for the right reasons. Not for your gut, tiny arms, hairy back and out-of-shape visage.

2. Surprise the Doubters: Here’s another reason to swap your PJs for your gym shorts on a lazy Saturday. Some guys expect you to quit. So prove them wrong tell them you’re starting a new training program. Then, silence the doubters and see it through.

3. Some Guys Think: They’re Better Than You: Generally speaking, this is a dangerous game. You want to be the best version of YOU and not let some egotistical schmuck influence your life. Still, your body is largely within your control, so even if you’ve got a gut or you’re on the smaller side, hit the gym hard with TestRX and turn the tables on them!

4. Be Strong: It’s cool to be a guy. It’s cooler to be a strong guy, who can swing an axe and be ‘surprisingly strong’. There are no shortcuts here, son. Get your butt in the gym and lift away.

5. Feel Good: When you look good, a funny thing happens: you feel good too (shocker, huh?). You’ll get a natural high by smashing through barriers, and you’ll have more confidence in other areas of your life.

6. Think of Your High School Reunion: Funny how so many guys look older just 10 years out of high school. You know the guy. he’s got a gut, and his face looks lethargic. While you can’t control hair loss, you CAN do your part by not being the guy who lets himself go. Surprise people, and enjoy those comments of how good you look.

7. Succeed in Life: Looks count. It’s sad but true, and like hair loss, you can’t control the genetic cards you’re dealt, but your waist, arms, chest and most of your body can all be improved. Studies show fit guys tend to get more promotions. Hash tag gym motivation (#gymmotivation!) to be fit and take charge.

8. The Gym is Fun!: Well OK, not always, but you can at least make it more enjoyable with a new workout playlist on your iPod. Let loose a little and load up some new tracks that will get you hot and bothered. Another secret; starting over is tough, but lifting heavy can be addictive, and the feeling after makes it so worthwhile!

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WOMEN: Let’s not BS here. You’re in the gym because of the ladies, correct? That alone is gym motivation. Girls love muscle it’s that simple and even if you’re happily married, your significant other will definitely notice your fit body after going hard on the plates. So man up and deal with it. Boost your testosterone with TestRX natural bodybuilding supplement, and get bigger guns, a wider chest, stand a little taller, and be the alpha male nature wants you to be!

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