Absolute Best TMJ Treatment

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Absolute Best TMJ Treatment

Okay today we’re going to go over the best TMJ treatment. You can do yourself now there’s a lot of treatments that can be done but this is the best one you can do yourself TMJ temporal mandibular. Or well actually you could call it TMJ the mouth joint no temporal mandibular joint right. And it’s actually temporal mandibular disorders right the joint is alas poor York.

I knew him Horatio that’s a little culture he ran with all right Brad the joint is right here okay right there yeah. You don’t have your pointer today or do you oh yeah okay well at the point right where it is. And now I’m going to actually pull this pull this off focuses any the joint there got it Lonnie dislocated and together yeah all right now.

When you’re having TMJ problems it’s either that joint that’s giving you trouble or the muscles around the joint the ones I make it function yep the ones that close the jaw the one is the masseter. Which is right here and the other one is the temporalis and this is actually a good picture yeah.

I hold that together right so masseter and temper Alison you might want to look at the fibers of that how the fibers are running. Because when we’re going to be showing you how to do your own massage to these. And you want to go across the fibers at one point.

We’re going to show you how to make circular massage across the fibers looks like one of those fans. You know it doesn’t look like that Japanese fan anything so all right let’s go on start Brad very good. You’re going to go ahead and do the massage yeah so this is you’re going to have pain here maybe problems opening and closing your jaws with that.

And you can have tension a lot of times people are grinding their teeth at night share our bruxism the only guy wake up you have little bits of teeth in your mouth. No okay all right so uh and you make a lot of times people get ear your aches. And I think that it’s ear infection even so and it’s from the joint poppin joint you know clicking making noises headaches. Sharyl assault alright first we’re going to start off with is almost more of a myofascial technique Brad.

So you’re going to put your hands and your fingers should have enough oil on it circles that you don’t really need to use any oil you can start on the bottom of the masseter here. You’re going to push in and then while you’re pushing in you’re just going to let it roll up towards the top so you should be raising on the muscle right on the mandible here on the jaw.

And going right up yeah that feels good if you’re eating chicken. You’ll have plenty of grease on your fingers to do this alright and then now we’re going to go up into the temporalis Brad yep the same thing. You’re just going to push in and push up feels good yep this is a good order for everybody even if you were having heads yeah you’d be good for headaches get those that pain your headaches.

Yeah this is one of those treatments that you really can’t go wrong right. Yeah if it doesn’t help your your pain here right there’s nothing helpful right there’s no nothing good about this alright the next one Brad just going to go ahead. And using these three fingertips going to go right straight down like this. And again don’t get into your cheek we’re out we’re back here unless we remember its back yeah the zygomatic arch wasn’t that where you go from you’re netting mm-hmm so okay the same with this one you’re going to just push up Brad.

Then okay you can feel you know what to get used to that feeling underneath the skin where you’re on the muscle. You should be able to go right do this all right the next one you’re gonna do Brad is you’re actually gonna do circles now you can do it with the three fingertips.

You can do it with your knuckles okay you’re going to go like this across the muscle like this making circles going across the muscle remember we’re trying to go across those fibers. You know the fibers were going across them across when you go up here and hit those a beer across the fibers. You seen any of this Lonnie. I like this but actually this is a really relaxed very silly okay alright the last set that.

You’re going to do Brad is you’re actually going to hold open your jaw and then you can do the same massage it. You can a circle I can’t understand you Bob so actually ever can so you actually hold it’ll open is it jaws be loosened.

Yeah so you’re trying to keep the muscles relaxed ha I’ll car that’s that’s different definitely different and then you’re going to also work it up in the temporalis hair. I tell you going through our idea no seriously this can actually help you can do 30 to 60 seconds II tried um.

We can do them together obviously sure 32 seconds 30 to 60 seconds on each muscle and you could even do this a couple times a day Brad this is sure nothing negative about doing it right. I think if you get positive results right do it as need.

Now we’re also going to do another video on the top three exercises you should do now these exercises are not going to give you immediate relief by any means they’re for the long haul. They’re trying to prevent these muscles from giving you trouble in the future there’s a whole bunch of things about TMJ sure that come into play and those exercises can help you.

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So when I get that one down I’m gonna link it to this one okay that is it at the end so alright thanks for watching excellent you


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