Exercise Your Ears (3 Remedies for Tinnitus, Hearing, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, Congestion)

Welcome I want to share my remedy with you something that will naturally open up those eustachian tubes get it draining take the pressure up help you hear better hopefully even take away tinnitus. And in some cases vertigo remember the ax station tube runs behind a nasal region to the middle ear.

Exercise Your Ears (3 Remedies for Tinnitus, Hearing, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, Congestion)

The purpose is to help keep pressure balance on the outside of the eardrum to the inside if that eustachian tube becomes clogged from excessive mucus from a virus from bacteria. Then we start to exhibit a lot of these symptoms so hopefully this these remedies are going to make a big difference to get you feeling  well fast the first part of.

This is like a valsalva maneuver that means we’re increasing pressure on the inside and by doing that. We’re opening up the the opening of the estate into behind a nasal region so we can get air inside of it to get that normal equal pressure. I want you to hold your nose and close your mouth.

I want you to blow as if you’re blowing out of your nose but the air cannot go out. Because you’re holding it so as you hold your mouth close and pinch your nose just blow. As you’re blowing out like this and you’ll feel the air start to pop well that popping sensation is your station tooth opening up.

Now do that five times but do not blow hard but you should hear a popping sound that is your station tube opening up so because we closed the mouth hold the nose. We blow as we pump the air into our cheeks and you feel a popping sensation in your ears through five of those nice. And easy the next part of this.

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I want you to grab the bottom of the earlobe come up about an inch on both sides. And as I want you to pull out as you pull out. You’ll feel a little stimulation in the ear canal keep pulling out and pinch that area within the ear on both sides. I want you to give me five yawns the yawns one two three four five.

I want you to make sure you continue to pull those ears while yawning yawning opens up the eustachian tube by pulling on the ears. We’re stimulating the ear canal and we’re actually stimulating those eustachian tubes as well hopefully that will bring more air into the area to help better balance to hopefully. Get the ax station tube to start functioning normal again the last part of it is actually something.

It’s hard to believe but I’ve had excellent results with myself as well as many many patients. I like you to use apple cider vinegar if you have it apple cider vinegar is excellent. If you don’t you can squeeze a lemon in here just the lemon in water but you must have water.

If you don’t have the apple cider vinegar and you don’t have the lemon of water plain water hopefully will help you as well but the apple cider vinegar for some reason does remarkable things within the body helps cleanse.

It makes the system alkaline as well as many miraculous functions that it has within the physiology of our healing from the inside. So if you have apple cider vinegar you’re going to put about two teaspoons to about eight ounces of water so at after those first two techniques you’re just going to take it.

And you’re just going to take little sips because as you sit and as you swallow the station tubes are opening up as well those three particular methods of helping those. New station tubes open up hopefully will take a whole lot of pressure out of those sinuses help you breathe better to help get pressure on via station tubes hopefully. Help your hearing hopefully help all those symptoms.

That we’re talking about I really hope it makes a big change this is very safe remember do not pull hard on the ears all. We’re drawing to all we’re doing is we’re getting air into these station tubes to get it flowing to get the the inside of the station tube to help become more cleansed so your body can repair. And heal once and for all leave your messages below share this with other people.

I think this is a great thing as natural it’s something it’s very safe.

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