Ingredients of Silencil Supplement 

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Ingredients of Silencil Supplement 
Ingredients of Silencil Supplement

The incredible formulation of the silencil supplement has 28 potent extracts combined in the right quantities to destroy tinnitus in weeks.

Skullcap and hawthorne: it fixes the brain inflammation that damages your nerve cells and cause hellish noise it lowers the volume of tinnitus with its powerful nutrients and eliminates inflammation. That offers silence in your mind and ears.

Oats straw: it helps to improve the brain function memory and focus and puts an end to tinnitus macuna purions. it helps to shield your brain cells and prevent further inflammation in your brain. It also supports your heart and lungs.

Rhodiola: it is powerful in strengthening your brain’s neurotransmitters and improving its function.

Vitamin b1 b2 b6 and potassium: these nutrients acts as brain steroids that can strengthen and supercharge your brain nerve cells it improves your memory focus and makes you sharper better and clearer.

Gaba gamma-aminobutyric acid: it is extremely powerful neurotransmitter that saves you against tinnitus and memory related diseases.

L-theanine: it works with gaba to supercharge your brain memory focus and energy levels.

Ashwagandha: this herb helps you to free from tinnitus reduce blood sugar stress and anxiety.

Chamomile: chamomile boosts your immune system prevents stress nourish your skin and enhances brain strength the potent ingredients gives you 100 percent safe and effective results than any other anti-tinnitus solution to know.

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