Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Quick Tip 2

hi I’m Jennifer Begley. I’m back to talk to you about our tinnitus quick tip number two previously on our tip number one. I talked about sandwhich environment and what that means for someone with tinnitus and how that helps them to get well today. What I’m going to talk about is the the urge for a person with tinnitus to isolate themselves. when you first get tinnitus as you well know if you’re a person listening to this watching this now with tinnitus yourself.

Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Quick Tip 1
Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Quick Tip 1

What happens is you have that urge to isolate to protect yourself. You don’t want to go near and that loud noises You don’t want to expose yourself to anything that could make your tinnitus worse. What happens is there’s a double-edged sword here. What happens is you’re less likely to habituate but you’re in that flight or fight motor is still in that mode.

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Where you need to protect yourself so a person who hears that sound that hissing that ringing. That I’ve heard so many different descriptions in the past of what it sounds like to experience tinnitus whatever it is that you are hearing or that someone. You love or care about is hearing what happens is they don’t want it to get any worse and understandably. So what happens is you might invite the man it’s oh you know what that restaurants too loud for me.

Or I don’t want to go to the movies you know the soundtrack is too loud well if it’s 85 decibels or higher in 85 decibels is a better lawnmower which is a good rule of thumb if it’s there or higher you do want to wear earplugs. You do want to protect your ears because you don’t want to do any actual damage to the inner ear.

But if it’s below 85 decibels all you’re doing is exacerbating it may make the tennis a little bit louder afterwards and you may not enjoy what happens for going out but it really helps with the habituation product process because it sounds crazy but each and every time you come home or come back. And you’ve survived you’re still alive something goes in the brain something clicks and says oh wait a minute.

I’m gonna be okay I’m gonna live through this. I’m gonna be get through this so even though the urge is to isolate fight that urge as much as possible and that’s them one of the best tips. I can give you is that the more you isolate yourself the let the more tinnitus is taking your life away from you and the more that happens just think about it. So it’s a big old snowball rolling down that hill gaining momentum you get more depressed anxious worried all of those things because you don’t have your life back so think about it.

As I hate to say it it sound Kearney about it but going into battle you need to battle your tenderness you need to show it each and every day that it’s not going to get the best of you and each and every time you go to that can’t thank you know what maybe the restaurants too loud right now.

But maybe you’ll meet your friend for dessert maybe you meet for a drink at the bar whatever it is so it’s 20 minutes instead of two hours but get yourself out there and make yourself get your life back because the more you build up that momentum the more it will actually happen.

And you can get your life back if you want to learn them any more about tennis feel free to go to my website at the Harwood group NY calm and Harwood is spelled har wo OD the Harwood group NY calm. Because we are located in New York but I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have via email or by phone thank you and here’s to bringing down the volume.

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