Reddit Tinnitus Cure

How are you feeling tinnitus is a perception of sound. When no real sound is present can you describe for me how your tinnitus sounds. That’s what you hear inside your head it’s. What I wake up to it’s affected by my life my work my socialization with people roughly 50 million people in the United States. Suffer from tinnitus veterans are disproportionately affected because all of them were exposed to explosions.

Reddit Tinnitus Cure

 When I was driving a large military vehicle and it was hit by handheld anti-tank grenades. And I remember hearing ringing after that I don’t know a single veteran that has come back from Iraq that does not have tinnitus. I’ve stopped work in for a while you pull away from life. You get more and more depressed and it makes the tinnitus actually worse.

 I didn’t want to be alone because I felt like. When I was alone it was like even more bothersome I was like I’ll never be able to sleep again. This is how it’s gonna be with what’s the point because it it takes any experience of joy that you can have.

Would you be interested in trying it out I would be interested in learning any thing what I want to do is. I want to take my pointer fingers and put them on my middle finger. So yep and then that goes in and I just create pressure on that middle finger. So it goes take the palms of my hand I put them over my ear.

And then I drill can we do that 50 times fifty-fifty start now yeah go for it hmmm things seem pretty quiet right now really yeah it’s like right now. I actually it’s unnoticeable it’s a good feeling it’s very feeling it’s really hard to put into words. I am stupefied by how simple this was it’s quiet it’s quieter it’s quieter than it was. I think ups in a casino have a few on them yeah mr.

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Such as lift is a relief you know this is doing nothing yeah. So it’s not affecting you okay so what happened I have no idea I was leaving the building. And I was like it’s this for real I kept going and I couldn’t hear anything inside it hadn’t been like that and so long it makes me feel that my other scars can get better too you.

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