Stop Tinnitus in 30 Seconds Massaging One Ancient Master Point

Millions of people experience tinnitus in different degrees, some are louder than others. Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present. While it is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears,” tinnitus can manifest many different perceptions of sound, including buzzing, hissing, whistling, swooshing, and clicking. For some, it can lead to insomnia, difficulty with concentration, poor work or school performance, irritability, anxiety, and depression.

 Stop Tinnitus in 30 Seconds Massaging One Ancient Master Point

Welcome everyone tinnitus a major epidemic. I’ve done many videos on this particular subject and it’s a very hard condition to treat. Because there are so many different variables that potentially can cause this particular condition.

Stop Tinnitus in 30 Seconds Massaging One Ancient Master Point

I want to share a master auricular point that means on the ear from Chinese acupuncturist who deal with tinnitus ringing in the ears this is called master sensorial a very dear friend of mine a Chinese acupuncturist physician has been using. This for over three decades and I want to share it with you if you look here at the point the point is right on the earlobe.

You can see exactly where that point is and what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to take our thumb and our second finger and we’re gonna squeeze over that point okay on both sides of the ear and do both ears and I want you just to squeeze it as you squeeze it rub it in a circular fashion

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