Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Coronavirus

We do know from recent studies on coronavirus that there is a link between some cases of covet 19 and hearing loss and sudden hearing loss in one ear. So that’s an interesting finding that certainly more research needs to be done on but because it is a virus we know we can have a viral attack of the inner ear. Which can cause structural damage and subsequent hearing loss we also are seeing about a 40 percent increase in tinnitus for patients that had tinnitus prior to coronavirus.

Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Coronavirus
Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Coronavirus

So we think just the fatigue and the symptoms of the coronavirus are amplifying tinnitus for patients certainly the stress of the recovery involved with covet 19 is most likely to blame.

While we’re covering so instrumental music tv anything in the background that’s soothing for you or pleasant to listen to distract the brain away from the tinnitus. while you’re getting better so although a lot of people are at home and isolating or in quarantine during this period of time.

If they’re experiencing coronavirus try to avoid silence because being in a completely quiet room or quiet house is not ideal. If you do already have tinnitus or your tinnitus is spiking. It is a stressful time that we’re living in now and we know stress is a huge exacerbator for tinnitus and so dealing with subconscious stress.

You know a lot of people think oh i’m handling this fine. I’m not under any you know undue stress because i like staying home. i’m an introvert and i don’t mind not going out to eat and these kinds of things but what we do know is the stress that impacts tinnitus. The most is really that subconscious stress that you might not even be aware of but it’s more your limbic system.

Where our emotional center resides and if someone’s saying you know. i’m really sad because i haven’t seen my grandkids for months. I can’t get together with my family over the holidays these types of things are creating a lot of stress. And unfortunately stress accelerates amplifies increases a person’s tinnitus volume.So we would again advise to use a sound rich environment and anything soothing relaxing that can calm calm those systems down.

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