My message for the Pure Tinnitus community

Hello this is ben here this video will be rather informal. This is a live video to talk about what not to do for tinnitus every month with the puritanist community. We have a group coaching program and it’s something called puritanist group coaching. We just ended our last session this one touched my heart. I say this with humbleness and i say this with your trust that so far the group coaching sessions. When i first started. It there weren’t many people. It was a small group and we’ve kept with it we’ve kept with the consistency now for about one year next month. Will be our one year anniversary.

My message for the Pure Tinnitus community
My message for the Pure Tinnitus community

What we’ve learned is the project has grown over time this community has grown over time. The most recent group coaching session was uh very heartwarming because there was a gentleman. Who shared uh their story about how they developed tinnitus two months ago. They found our community. They found our videos. They also had some other support and within two months their understanding of the system. What are the healthy inputs to the system of how to get better their understanding is incredible. So i’m very proud because one of my main mission one of the main missions of pure tinnitus is to provide high quality information.

So that when someone goes online to search for help with tinnitus or understanding. What is tin it is that from the very beginning within the first few days even maybe even the first few videos on youtube or the first few blog articles on google. They can find high quality information that does not only explain the medical understanding of tinnitus as the auditory sound but takes it to another step another level of the full holistic managing of tinnitus you know in my hands. I’m holding tinnitus retraining therapy.

i’m not sure if you can see that or if that’s backwards but this book was written by dr jastroboff and jonathan hazel is based on a lot of the the research and the science that explains the model of tinnitus. What you need to know. uh this is slightly too dense for some readers but for me i read it and i would recommend considering getting this for yourself tinderness retraining therapy implementing the neurophysiological model so and we just came out of a really positive group coaching session.

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I’m not here to pump up the group coaching program or to make it sound any uh more significant than it is but it is it is out there and if you want to learn more about it feel free to contact us. I also wanted to make this video to say thank you to the youtube community because uh we’ve passed 8 000 subscribers and anytime there’s a little uh milestone.

We like to celebrate because it’s always nice to be grateful and thankful for what we have in this life yeah so you know this video is titled what not to do for tinnitus and from that group coaching program. What not to do for tinnitus is obsessively think about it and spend unnecessary time giving attention to tinnitus keeping researching more and more and more and more obsessing over it for someone who has a a logical mind that likes to solve problems tinnitus can be very frustrating because you might reach the end of a road.

Where your doctors say look sir look madam there is nothing to solve here there’s there’s no there’s there’s nothing to solve. Uh you’re at the end of the road and that can be very heartbreaking and it can also lead to hyper focusing on looking at different more obscure remedies. Obscure conditions is my tinnitus from my jaw from my neck from my diet is there something wrong in my head am i going crazy there’s a point of diminishing returns on focusing or hyper focusing on tinnitus.

And that was one of the central themes in the group coaching program from tonight so what not to do is hyper focus and put unnecessary time and attention into tinnitus but there is a period of time. Where you have to learn the model you have to learn the science you have to potentially work with a professional who can help you guide you through it.

So there is a valuable time for that for knowledge but once. You understand the model we don’t need to hyper focus and obsess over it because the habituation be forced any faster than your brain and your body naturally allow it to happen that was one of the big takeaways from this group coaching session. Um yeah so i. i thank you for trusting me as a pillar of science and support for you it touches my heart so deeply when i have patients who find me online. We work via telehealth and they they explained to me that they were suicidal their tinnitus was bringing them to the point of considering suicide that’s.

How much anxiety depression stress. They had in their life and insomnia sleep problems and it’s very touching to hear from them that. I was pure tinnitus was our community was part of what allowed them to persist through and get high quality information get the right kind of emotional support know. What resources are out there know that we can get better from tinnitus knowing that volume of tinnitus can change over time and that millions and millions of people can live with some tinnitus me included sometimes it gets louder.

But it’s not going to dramatically change my life many people are living happy lives even going through very difficult periods of tinnitus so yeah i. I just wanted to say thank you they say thank you for anyone who’s who’s watching this and for for giving me your valuable time and attention and it means a lot to me.

And i and i promise to uphold the highest level of science and credibility and um you know accountability in this process so big thank you and please i want to know you and where you’re from um. I don’t get to meet many of you unfortunately uh only only a select number of people you know reach out through pure tinnitus to have a telehealth session a consultation.

So i only learn about your your experience through the comments so please leave a comment of what this means to you well thank you and this is dr ben signing off goodbye.

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