Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Quick Tip 1

Hi my name is Jennifer Betty Glenn. I’m here to talk to you today about tinnitus. I’m starting a new series called quick tip on tinnitus. And today’s tip number one first thing. I want to point out is what tinnitus is pronounced tinnitus or tinnitus both are acceptable tinnitus is ringing of the ears it’s something that probably.

Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Quick Tip 1
Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Quick Tip 1

We’ve all experienced at some time or another the difference with someone who has tinnitus versus the rest of us who just left the concert and hear that ringing in our ears. And wake up the next morning and it’s gone is that for the person suffering from tinnitus. It doesn’t go away it stays with them and when you think about the idea that a sound in your head could be going off 24 hours a day.

Think about the panic the depression the anxiety all of the emotions that come with that that could literally for lack of a better term drive a person crazy. So what I do at the Harwood group is I work with people tennis and help them to individuate which is when you still have tinnitus. But even remove that emotional response to it so now tennis become something of a threat to something that’s a nuisance.

And think about how much easier. It is to live and go on with your life when something’s just kind of like background elevator music versus something that your body is constantly in this flight. Or fight mode that wants to fight it off and make it go away and everything else that comes with it so you need a situation in order to go into remission and remission is silence.

It’s a wonderful thing and it’s possible for anybody habituation is possible for anybody with tinnitus. I use hypnotherapy in my practice in order to help someone who bitchu eight because it’s a wonderful process to desensitize someone to the sound.

You know think about it as simple as it sounds you can’t be bored and anxious at the same time within all of that with hypnotherapy you also gain the insight of the triggers that make sure tinnitus worse. Or better and it’s about connecting the dots and when you connect the dots and you figure out how it works it’s easier to manage your tinnitus ultimately habituate.

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So tip number one for today you want to always keep a sound nt rich environmeand what is the sandwich environment a sandwich environment is something that I believe you should use your natural environment the environment. We live in so that includes music that you enjoy I’d rather have you listen to your favorite song then music.

That you think is going to help but is literally driving you even more crazy because you don’t like it the TV a talk radio the regular radio a restaurant with friends chatting engaging other people. That’s how much your environment is a key component to habituation because you always want to give your mind a choice you can listen to tinnitus.

Or you can listen to something else I go into more detail about this about all the different types of sandwich environments there are. And you know there everybody who works with real tenants might have a different view on this. But my view is to not use white noise or pink noise or noise that does not have purpose because it’s too close to that of your tinnitus again you want your mind to choose tinnitus.

Or something else well that’s something else is too closed or doesn’t have any meaning to you you’re not going to focus on in any way so tip number one sandwich environment and the key to this is to keep that volume of whatever. You’re listening to slightly below that of your tinnitus you still want to hear the sound because you want it to be almost like a barbershop quartet. You’re here hearing both sounds right now and part of that is because you do want to give your mind a choice.

If you mask which is taking that sound and and masking exactly what it’s what the word says the sound of your tinnitus. You’ll find that yes it’s temporary relief but it does not promote your bitching and as long as you mask you’ll be okay you take that masking away it tends to actually get louder. Because you haven’t focused on the tendinous for a while.

If you have any questions if you’d be interested in looking at the video that I made called tinnitus 101 it’s about 15 16 minutes on tinnitus it covers a little bit of what I’ve just discussed. But got more it covers different types of approaches trt tennis retraining therapy neuromonics masking medications all of those things.

You’re welcome to come visit me at our website which is the Harwood group our web address or domain is the Harwood group NY comm and that’s t AG har wo OD group gr OUP. And why? because we’re located in New York comm and you’re welcome to send me emails questions anything that you might have but take a look at – this 101

It’ll give you a really good overview on what’s going on and what you can do about it for yourself for your loved ones for people. You care about you know start today and get well.

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