Scientists Finally Admit that Covid-19 Causes Tinnitus

The scientific community has made it clear: there’s something going on between tinnitus, hearing loss, and covid-19. Scientists have finally admitted that Covid 19 can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. My name is dr ben thompson. I’m here to share this statement that was recently released by the biggest professional organizations in the united states. Including the american academy of audiology the american speech language hearing association and the academy of doctors of audiology the three biggest professional organizations.

Scientists Finally Admit that Covid-19 Causes Tinnitus
Scientists Finally Admit that Covid-19 Causes Tinnitus

That represent hearing doctors and represent individuals with hearing conditions this is a report from the end of april in 2021. It’s a report that was submitted to the house energy and commerce committee. A subcommittee for health and hearing called the long haul forging a path through the lingering effects of covid 19.

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Making this video to share with you my audience that professionals do care about the relationship between covid and hearing loss kovid and tinnitus. This opens a lot of questions right it opens a lot of questions let’s learn about what they were describing there’s a strong correlation between covid 19 hearing loss and vestibular problems. The emerging research suggests a strong link between covit 19 and hearing loss including tinnitus.

There was a study in england published in the international journal of audiology which reviewed evidence from 24 different studies on the link between covid 19 and hearing problems. Based on the systematic review scientists estimate that seven percent of people infected with covid 19 experience hearing loss. Again seven percent of people infected with kova 19 experience hearing loss or changes to hearing 15 suffer tinnitus and 7 reported vertigo this brings up a lot of questions for me being a tinnitus audiologist tinnitus specialist.

The authors of the study also identified an urgent need for more research of long-term effects of covet on the auditory system. I want to highlight some other important aspects of this for you that there was a lot of media and publicity around kent taylor. Who was founder and ceo of texas roadhouse in the united states who unfortunately very sadly took his own life after suffering from postcovid related symptoms.

One of them being severe ringing in the ears tinnitus and a statement issued by the family said that mr taylor fought the condition. But the suffering that greatly intensified in recent days became unbearable mr taylor had recently committed to funding a clinical study to help members of the military.

Who also suffer from tinnitus the report goes on to share that audiologists are the professionals who diagnose and treat hearing loss auditory processing disorders tinnitus. Other auditory disorders this was signed to bring awareness to the community of individuals who have synonymous and this committee came together to leverage the existing research and studies.

That were completed for tinnitus as an effect of coven 19. And raise awareness about it now me personally through pure tinnitus. I’ve worked with patients who have developed tinnitus as a result of covid19. I’ve also worked with patients who have developed tinnitus as a result of the cova-19 vaccine. There’s something about this virus that’s affecting the ear. Is it an inflammatory response that’s causing neural inflammation of the auditory system is it some sort of neurological infection.

That’s affecting the eighth cranial nerve which impacts hearing dizziness vertigo tinnitus those kinds of questions will be pursued further by researchers. If you’re watching this and maybe your tinnitus or your hearing has changed as a result of coping 19 there are resources out there for you feel free to leave a comment.

We’ll do our best to help you there are professionals who can help there is support for you if your hearing has changed significantly. I’m sorry we’re sorry that happened there are things we can do technology support professional guidance go seek help get the help that’s out there. If your tinnitus has changed as a result of kofi 19 what works for most people who develop tinnitus don’t force it don’t try to fight it use the videos on this channel as a reference.

I’m dr ben thompson audiologist founder of pure tinnitus i’m making this video to raise awareness about kova 19 and tinnitus so thank you for watching please like this video.

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