Silencil Reviews – Does Silence Supplement Work for Tinnitus or scam?

Now for the first few days, I didn’t feel any major improvements maybe just my focus was better and most of my headaches were gone. But a few days later something amazing happened. It was almost like the ringing was somehow losing strength. Then as days went by it went from excruciatingly annoying to moderate and then to mild now shortly.

Silencil Reviews – Does Silence Supplement Work for Tinnitus or scam?

After that I could barely hear the noise and all my stress and anxiety were gone by the fourth week. Something incredible happened the ringing was completely gone and all the other tinnitus symptoms were also gone with it. I had no more headaches no more dizziness it was like my brain was reborn. I will never forget that first moment of silence after so many years.

I cried like a child holding those two pills in my hand now even though my tinnitus (my T) was gone. I wanted to see what would happen. If i took the pills for a little longer by the fifth week i could feel a surge of energy in my brain the good kind. It was like my mind was improving. I could solve difficult puzzles with my kids my memory was crystal clear i could easily focus.

I remember sleeping like a baby that night and every night after that beautiful feeling of silence was something. I never thought. I would be so appreciative of in my entire life it was like a miracle and. I knew. I had to share this formula with more people so we gathered a group of 40 men and women all tonight as sufferers from mild to severe

And some with hearing loss and even with memory related problems dr peterson prepared the formula gave it to all participants and instructed them to follow the program for 30 days now. I expected to see some results. But I sure didn’t expect to see them coming in that fast not long after our phones were ringing like crazy with people crying over the phone telling us.

How their ringing was getting less intense by the day 100 of the participants were tinnitus free in four weeks each one of them reported a surge in their brain functions their memory was better their focus was significantly improved none of them experienced any more headaches or dizziness. In fact many of the senior folks said that they could now hear better and some were able to get rid of their hearing aids.

It was definitely an unexpected benefit the formula was like a super cocktail for the brain now by the end of week eight something happened that left me and dr peterson in awe one more person called us he said he kept taking the pills curious himself on what will happen. When he went to see his physician as he gave him the test results it was showing that.

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He had his onset memory loss diagnosis revoked it was incredible seeing that we knew we had a limited time frame to share this with everyone so dr peterson. And I decided to produce this supplement and share it with as many people as possible people who want nothing more than to escape from the T nightmare we called it silencil a 100 natural blend

That goes directly to the root cause of your T the inflammation of your brain tissue and nerve cells we only source the purest highest quality ingredients the perfect combination of 28 carefully mixed plant extracts and vitamins into an easy to swallow capsule to take once a day. We only produce silencil in our FDA approved facility using the latest technology and equipment every capsule of silencil is non-gmo and safe this protocol is very easy to follow.

And is also diabetic friendly it does not require any restrictive diets and it does not interfere with other supplements you might be taking this formula is more powerful than anything else in the world view_moduleinsert_charttrending_up

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